The Armenian Educational Foundation has helped educational institutions around the world with our flagship programs.

Scholarship Program

For over a decade AEF has been providing scholarships to students in Armenia, Artsakh, and Javakhk. Each year, the number of scholarship recipients grows as more sponsors join in our shared vision. Since the scholarship program’s inception in 2007, the number of recipients has increased from 21 to over 900 students.

Renovating Schools in Arstakh, Armenia and Javakhk

AEF has renovated over 200 schools in Armenia, Artsakh and Javakhk. Most schools are in border villages and renovation of these schools provide an incentive for residents not to abandon their village.

Bringing Armath Labs to Schools

Recognizing the importance of the IT sector in the economic growth of Armenia and Artsakh, AEF funds Armath Engineering Labs in village schools where students learn programming, coding and are introduced to robotics.

Endowment Funds

Much of the capital funds belonging to AEF derive from permanent endowments in the form of bequests and trusts, as well as donations. These generous contributions have enabled the AEF to maintain its commitment to furthering the educational endeavors of Armenian youth and to provide financial assistance to Armenian Schools.

Essay Contest

AEF’s purpose in hosting the Writing Competition is to promote writing skills for Armenian students with the hope of encouraging and shaping a future generation of leaders, motivators and influencers who can become a positive force and promote progress within their community.

Laptops for Students

Due to the unprecedented situation caused by COVID-19, AEF committed to match donor funds 50/50 to supply laptops to all existing and newly awarded scholarship recipients who did not have an adequate laptop during remote learning.

Pledges for Artsakh

AEF has pledged and will continue to fulfill its promise to support our soldiers returning back to school after their service, to rebuild damaged schools and to support the children of our fallen soldiers. In selecting scholarship recipients, AEF gives high priority to those who have served their country. In cases when a student is drafted after receiving an AEF scholarship, his or her scholarship is reinstated upon return from military service.

Helping Students Qualify for Good Jobs

In 2019, AEF launched a new educational program to help students find good paying jobs after graduation. AEF is providing funding for its students to attend English and Information Technology (IT) classes at private training centers. There was an incredible response to this new program and only those who passed the prepared tests were selected to join the classes.

School Supply Project

Since 2007, the AEF School Supply Committee has shipped and distributed school supplies and backpacks to over 20,000 students K-12 students in village schools in Armenia, Artsakh and Javakhk. The SSP mission statement is simple: “To solicit, collect and deliver school supplies to the neediest schools in Armenia, Artsakh and Javakhk, so that the children there have the basic supplies needed to facilitate their education.”

Building Coalitions with Other Organizations

AEF currently works in partnership with organizations such as TUMO, Children of Armenia Fund, Teach for Armenia, Armath Labs and Focus on Children Now to offer youth living throughout Armenia with access to education.

Diaspora Scholarships

AEF currently awards scholarships to students in the diaspora, including the United States, Lebanon and Javakhk.

Helping Schools Around the World

AEF has made donations to day schools and preschools in the US, Canada and Lebanon. Since its inception in 1950, AEF has supported more than 20 Armenian schools in the diaspora with a historical cumulative funding of over $1 million. The first schools built by the organization were the Levon and Sophia Hagopian Armenian School in Athens, Greece and the Levon and Sophia Hagopian College in Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon.

Computers in Every School

As part of the Computers in Village Schools project, AEF has delivered over 200 computers and software, and provided training to approximately 100 AEF renovated village schools.

Building Schools in America

AEF has participated in the financing of the first two Armenian day schools in the United States: Holy Martyr’s Ferrahian Elementary and High School and Mesrobian School.

Oratorical Contest

AEF’s purpose in hosting the Oratorical contest is to promote public speaking in Armenian youth. In an era of smart phones, where students oftentimes interact by texting and posting on social media websites, the need to focus on oracy, the ability to express oneself fluently in speech, is more vital than ever. Speech competitions help train students in oral communication techniques; skills that allow students to become confident and engaged citizens, skilled professionals and successful advocates.

University Computer Programs Degree

AEF financed 4-year Computer Information Systems Bachelor’s Degrees in Artsakh’s State University.

Establishing History

In 1986 the Armenian Educational Foundation Chair of Modern Armenian History was established at the University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA) with a half a million dollars collected from the AEF board members, general membership, and friends.

Renovation after Disasters

The devastating earthquake that struck Armenia in December 1988 created a unique opportunity for AEF, which took action to renovate damaged schools in Armenia. Since that date the AEF has renovated about 200 schools in Armenia, Artsakh and Javakhk.