Pledges for Artsakh

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Pledges for Artsakh

AEF has pledged and will continue to fulfill its promise to support our soldiers returning back to school after their service, to rebuild damaged schools and to support the children of our fallen soldiers. In selecting scholarship recipients, AEF gives high priority to those who have served their country. In cases when a student is drafted after receiving an AEF scholarship, his or her scholarship is reinstated upon return from military service.
AEF’s Three Pledges for Artsakh:
1) Provide University scholarships for our soldiers returning home from the war
2) Provide scholarships for children of fallen soldiers
3) Rebuild damaged or destroyed schools in Artsakh
Other recently established AEF initiatives in Artsakh:
1) AEF Volunteer Fund:This initiative, led by AEF student volunteers, has thus far distributed essential items including hygiene products, blankets, clothing, foldable beds and baby products to over 650 people in 7 villages (Oshakan, Sasunik, Voskevaz, Voskehat, Sasunik, Karin, Agarak) and in Yerevan.

2) Artsakhci Ladies for Artsakh:
AEF’s newest initiative providing women from Artsakh with job opportunities and working salaries to support their families. AEF’s newly established sewing stations and workshops provide machines and materials for these women and girls to hand make beautiful eco bags.
3) Fallen Heroes Fund:

AEF stands in solidarity with our soldiers, students, and thousands of volunteers who are risking their lives to fight for the safety and security of Artsakh and Armenia. It is for this reason we have set up a Fallen Heroes Fund to provide financial assistance to families of our fallen soldiers.