AEF Provides Job Preparedness Training for Students in Armenia 



Students all over the world can benefit from guidance and mentorship. To help better position its scholarship recipients in Armenia, the Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF) made plans to ensure that proper training sessions are available to students in order to build new and necessary skills for successful employment and to increase their ability to find well-paying jobs.  

The first training session this year was prepared and presented by Alice Petrossian (Los Angeles) with support from Mimi Zarookian (Yerevan). The Power Point presentation was translated into Armenian and distributed to the students.  The training focused on branding, where students had the opportunity to learn about personal branding. During the informative sessions, students were encouraged to be more aware of what messages define them. They were provided with suggestions on how to be more confident while introducing themselves and their brand to the fullest without feeling it was self-praise. Students also learned how to set themselves apart from others in their field of expertise, and how to set goals and reach for success. All of the students were motivated and actively involved in the training process. 

More than 100 students participated in the Zoom workshop, which spanned three different sessions to fully accommodate all participants. Although the majority of the participants were AEF scholarship recipients from Armenia and Artsakh, it is worth noting that more than 10 participating students were from Javakhk who are currently attending universities in Tbilisi. 

Overall, students were very excited for the opportunity to learn from Mrs. Petrossian’s presentation and advice from Ms. Zarookian 

Due to COVID and the recent war in Artsakh, students have not been able to mingle with one another nor seek guidance from mentors. This session provided students with a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and interface in an online format. Other training sessions, scheduled in the upcoming months, will aim to discuss business planning, communication, CV/Resume writing, job interview readiness and other topics that will help our students obtain new and useful skills and help them in their future endeavors.