AEF Funds Computer Labs for Displaced Students at Shushi Technological University in Stepanakert


Information technology has become vital to success in today’s world, and it has become especially important in the development and growth of the Armenian nation. Recognizing the importance of the IT sector in the economic growth of Armenia and Artsakh, the Armenian Educational Foundation has dedicated many of its projects in recent years to providing computer literacy and information technology opportunities to its students. The goal at AEF has always been to provide students with the tools to succeed. Now, AEF aims to motivate students to pursue engineering and IT degrees in order to increase their ability to find well-paying jobs upon graduation and encourage them to stay in the homeland.

In cooperation with the Shushi Technological University, AEF has contributed $20,000 to provide equipment and learning materials to continue the education of students displaced from Shushi after the 44-day war. AEF’s funding has provided brand new computer equipment and opened an impressive new computer center at the University, now located in Stepanakert. The center has been furnished with state-of-the-art furniture, printers, computers, projectors, speakers and more. Additionally, employees of the center also received brand new laptops.

“AEF is honored to help re-create the Shushi Technological University in its new home in Stepanakert, Artsakh,” stated AEF Board President Al Cabraloff. “This is another example of how resilient the Armenian nation is, especially it’s students. No matter what challenges are thrown our way, Armenians will always meet them head on and come out stronger than before. Our students will continue to learn skills in the area of IT and engineering through this new initiative. We will continue to support the Shushi Technological University in any way that we can well into the future.”

Throughout its 71 years of service, AEF has continuously recognized the importance of the IT sector in Artsakh. In May 2013, AEF contributed $100,000 in funds towards a four-year Computer Information Systems (CIS) degree program, in Stepanakert State University, as well as $200,000 towards a Women’s Dormitory at the school. Throughout the years, AEF has funded a total of eight Armath Engineering Laboratories in village schools in Artsakh, totaling $80,000. In 2019, AEF launched a new educational program providing free English and IT classes at private training centers to help students find good paying jobs after graduation. Most recently, due to the unprecedented situation caused by COVID-19, AEF committed to match donor funds 50/50 to supply laptops to all existing and newly awarded scholarship recipients who did not have adequate laptops during remote learning, as well as donating over $12,000 in smart phones and battery packs to students in need in Artsakh.

Through its joint efforts with the Shushi Technological University, AEF is giving students access to modern technology and the ability to conduct research in various fields, bringing them one step closer to quality and purposeful learning. AEF will continue to fulfill its aim of promoting IT, modern technology, employment and empowerment in Artsakh.