AEF and GITC Launch New, Free Engineering Program For Students In Armenia

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The Armenian Educational Foundation in cooperation with Gyumri Information Technologies Center (GITC), is launching the “Deep High School Transformation through Engineering” free educational program in the High School of NPUA Gyumri Branch.

This program, combining theoretical teaching with practical implementation in specially equipped classrooms and computer laboratories, will provide high school students with relevant and competitive engineering skills to open more career opportunities and motivate students to build a future career in Armenia. Through the help of specialists in engineering and high tech companies, students can use this pre-incubation program to turn their ideas into prototypes.

“The aim of the program is to increase interest among students in engineering by providing them with up-to-date, competitive engineering skills through practical training,” as noted by GITC Managing Director Amalya Yeghoyan.

Due to a lack of technological education in high schools, a special classroom equipped with engineering devices will be created within the High School of NPUA Gyumri Branch, accompanied by industry specialists to motivate students to choose technological and engineering educations.

“With the current situation, we all must have one goal – the development of Armenia. Our vision in this regard is that an engineering education is one of the most important tools in that development. It is for that purpose that we are launching the ‘Deep High School Transformation through Engineering Education’ program,” noted Alec Baghdasaryan, AEF Board of Directors member.

“The donors of the Armenian Educational Foundation attach importance to these specific educational initiatives due to the current situation in the country, and are hopeful that the best investment into the future of Armenia is through education of future generations,” added Hermineh Pakhanians, AEF member.

The program, financed by the Armenian Educational Foundation, and free for students, will be accepting applications until February 28, 2021, with courses scheduled to begin on March 8, 2021.

The application is currently open for 11th grade students from the Shirak region of Armenia. Experienced engineering specialists will train and share their knowledge in the following areas: Software Engineering (python; Machine Learning), Mechanical Engineering (3d modeling; operating on precision machines), Electrical Engineering (design and implementation of electrical control systems), Soft Skillset development (product development; project management; team building and etc.)

Students will be selected through a thorough process including a written math test and interview, during which the applicants’ logic skills and interests in the engineering sector will be tested.

To apply please email, or for more information on Armenian Educational Foundation please visit