School Supplies Program

School Supply Project (SSP) began after a family’s personal visit to a village school in Armenia. It was noticed that the students barely had any basic school necessities, let alone any arts and crafts materials to remain determined to continue their education. Upon their return, the first shipment of school supplies was sent to this school.

When thank you letters and appreciation notes poured in from this school, and the joy and excitement of the students in Armenia reached the hearts of donors, volunteers, and students in the United States, the project expanded to a larger scale partnering with Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF). Since its first shipment in 2007, SSP has delivered backpacks and school supplies to 15,000 students in the most rural and hard-to-reach schools in Armenia, Artsakh, and Javaghk.

AEF supplements the supplies collected by various schools which have made the collection of supplies their yearly drive. Volunteers from various walks of life, including students, Scouts, parents, and teachers sort, pack, and ship the supplies to village schools. The boxes arrive to AEF office in Yerevan, Armenia and are distributed to the designated schools. Volunteers and members often hand deliver the supplies to the schools and personally witness the appreciation and gratitude of the students, principals, teachers, and parents.  Due to SSP’s efforts, the classrooms have become livelier with class decorations and students look forward to attending classes using their received supplies.

A backpack filled with notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpener, pencil pouch, markers, crayons, colored pencils, arts and craft material, calculator, and highlighter delivered to its destination costs $20 per student.

Take a moment to reflect back to your childhood, when a Mickey Mouse pencil would make you look forward to doing homework or when a sticker on a test well done would continue to motivate you to get better grades so that you would receive more stickers.  Every child’s face lights up when he/she walks into a colorful classroom. Every student deserves to have basic supplies.

SSP mission statement is simple:  “To solicit, collect and deliver school supplies to the neediest schools in Armenia, so that the children there have the basic supplies needed to facilitate their education”.

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