AEF Newsletter


The Armenian Educational Foundation has been providing deserving students in Armenia and the Diaspora with opportunities for higher education for more than half a century.

President’s Message 2010

Sixty years ago, six visionary individuals established the AEF and for 60 years AEF has been true to its mission by providing financial assistance to Armenian students and educational institutions.

President’s Message 2009

I am glad to report that we were able to successfully complete our planned projects for 2008. In 2008 AEF completed 17 schools renovation projects totaling $278,250 dollars and, paid $139,934 in scholarships in Armenia, Artsakh, Javakhk, US, Bulgaria and Lebanon.

President’s Message 2008

Not many things impress me as much as reading about the many accomplishments of Armenian Educational Foundation over the last 58 years. Perhaps it is the AEF mission of “advancement of the Armenian heritage through the support of education” which brings the best in all who are involved with its activities.

Working with AEF sub-committees and witnessing their energy and dedication, I am certain that their accomplishments will match the legacy set by the Armenian Educational Foundation’s founders and the board members who came before us.