Membership in the Armenian Educational Foundation is available to all, regardless of nationality, race, religious or political affiliation, who share the vision of the organization and are willing to assist in promoting the purpose and mission of the organization.

Membership dues are $500 per year due on June 1st of each year.  The AEF membership fee was set at $500 per year in 1950 and has remained unchanged to date.

A “member” is defined as an “individual” or “husband and wife”.  Both “husband and wife” are considered members but are entitled to only one vote at General Membership meetings.  Either the husband or wife may be elected to the Board of Directors, but not both.  In the event the husband and wife wish to be “individual” members, and both pay the required annual membership dues, each spouse is considered an “individual” member and is entitled to one vote each at General Membership meetings.

Anyone who wishes to become an AEF member can apply by completing a simple application available for download online. (See download link below) 

Please sign and date application and enclose your tax-deductible annual membership dues.

Click here to download Application >>“Membership Application”


Note: The application will be processed and submitted at the next Board of Directors meeting for approval.