Armenian Educational Foundation's 70th Anniversary Gala

SAVE THE DATE | January 26, 2020

Armenian Educational Foundation’s 70th Anniversary Gala

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AEF scholarship recipients giving back to their community.

AEF scholarship recipients participated in the annual cleanup of flowers laid at the Genocide Memorial on April 24.  The students gathered the flowers and removed the petals from the stems. The stems are used to make compost, and the petals – to make recycled paper. The compost is used for the treatment of the soil in the Genocide Memorial Park, while the handmade recycled paper is used to make certificates or postcards.

The event combines the idea of giving these flowers a new lease on life and the environmental mission that promotes recycling.

A few days after cleaning the flowers at the Genocide Monument, our students visited soldiers on duty to gift books and pastries and participated in picking up trash at Botanical Gardens. 

AEF is proud of its scholarship students for providing this community service each year following April 24th commemoration and continuously volunteering at various community services.

First Graduating Class of CIS Degree Program in Artsakh State University-Diploma Ceremony

In May 2013 the Armenian Educational Foundation announced $100,000 funding towards establishing a four-year Computer Information Systems (CIS) degree program, in Artsakh State University (the University), in Stepanakert and signed an agreement with the University in the same year. The funding was to help finance computer hardware, software, instructor salaries, and student scholarships and start a four-year Computer Information Systems degree program with the aim of promoting IT, modern technology and employment and empowerment in Artsakh.

AEF recognized the importance of economic development for Artsakh and believed that this project will have a big impact in developing the infrastructure needed to bring information technology companies to Artsakh.

“A lot of work went into establishing the department, finalizing the courses, taking books to Artsakh, hiring professors, coordinating with the university leadership, but I am proud to report that the department is established in the University, and more and more students each year apply to get into this program” said Alec Baghdasaryan, AEF Board member who heads this program.

Every year, AEF representatives have met with the University representatives and students registered in the new CIS program and received updates on the progress of the program. The first class admitted to the program was comprised of 23 students. The program that started with total financial support from AEF has grown and currently interest in the CIS program has increased to the level that the program has the second highest number of applicants at the University, and enjoys the total and financial support of the University. As of spring 2016, in total 87 students were registered in first through fourth year programs, including those who had to take a sabbatical from their studies to serve in the army.

“This is a very proud moment for AEF and everyone that contributed to the success of the AEF’s CIS degree program at Artsakh State University” said Vahe Hacopian, President of AEF. “The graduating class has fulfilled the AEF goal of helping Artsakh State University establish a new high technology program and prepare students for the much needed IT industry rapidly growing in Artsakh. We are hopeful this program will endure and continue to grow because this program is, as the American saying goes, “a gift that will keep-on giving” to the people of Artsakh.

In July 2016, AEF Yerevan office Executive Director, Armine Haroyan, participated in the ceremony of awarding diplomas to the first graduating class of CIS degree from Artsakh State University, making AEF Board and members dream become a reality of seeing the first students accepted in the CIS degree program, graduate and contribute toward making Artsakh a technology hub.

AEF intends to continue supporting the CIS program at the University through its full-tuition four-year scholarship program for all qualified students. International companies have offices in Artsakh and ready to offer employment to students of the CIS program and currently a number of students are employed at international companies with offices in Artsakh. It is anticipated that all students will receive full time employment upon graduation. The high demand for IT graduates has caused increase in number of applicants and the university administration is expecting higher number of applicants and growth in this program in the future.

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