Armenian Educational Foundation’s Scholarship Program Still a Success

Armenian Educational Foundation’s Scholarship Program Still a Success

84% of Scholarship Graduates Either Working or in Graduate School

AEF members and sponsors celebrating success!

AEF members and sponsors celebrating success!

Being in the forefront of driving positive change in Armenia and Artsakh, the Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF) has been a proactive player in providing opportunity of education for students who will become gamechangers tomorrow!


Success Stories


Taguhi Khazaryan                                                                                                                                                    

Elected Member of National Assembly (Parliament)

Gevork Loretsyan

Deputy Minister, Sport and Youth Affairs

Ani Makgakyan

Assistant to Marzpet (governor) of Shirak Region

Aida Grigoryan

Prime Minister’s Press Office

Sipan Asatryan

Elected Member of Yerevan City Council

Manuk Mnukyan

CEO, Armenian Royal Palace Hotel Complex

Shavarsh Zohrabyan

Director, major shopping platform to purchase international products



For 69 years, AEF has been providing financial assistance to Armenian students and educational institutions.  One of AEF’s many programs is to provide scholarships for students attending public universities in Armenia and Artsakh.  In 2007, the first year of the new scholarship program, AEF provided 21 scholarships.  This year, with an allocation of $290,000, AEF has supported 300 students, with 80% receiving full tuition scholarships.

“Everytime I face difficulty, my heart reminds me that I’m not alone. When my parents had difficulty helping me, there were still others, with no blood relation but a strong sense of humanity, who would help me. Your action is the greatest testimony of it!”

Syuzie Vanoyan, Finance Major

Sponsor: Ashot & Clara Mkarian Scholarship Fund

About The Process


A mathematical model is used to rank scholarship candidates, with points given for various criteria, such as, financial need, single parent, multi-children families, from outside Yerevan (villages), parents’ participation in Artsakh war, military service, volunteer work, academic achievements, etc.  For the current academic year (2018-19), over 1000 scholarship applications were received by AEF’s Yerevan office. The top 310 applicants identified by the model were interviewed and ranked. Once the scholarship recipients are selected, AEF wire-transfers the tuition directly to the university on behalf of the student.

AEF encourages and facilitates relation building between scholarship sponsors and recipients, including written communication as well as meetings when Sponsors visit Armenia. In the fall of each year, AEF also hosts a reception in Yerevan with members and sponsors to honor all scholarship recipients. This year, the reception was held at the Meridian Expo Center with over 450 in attendance.

“The success of this scholarship program is dependent on the generous support of numerous benefactors. We are very grateful to all tuition sponsors who donate $1,000 per year to pay the full tuition for each student. The achievements of our scholarship recipients is a testament to the hard work and efforts of the Armenian Scholarship Committee members, who volunteer their time to ensure a fair and objective selection process.”

Peter Baghdassarian, President of Armenian Educational Foundation


For more information or to sponsor a scholarship, please contact AEF office at 818-242-4152 or email


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